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Well known disasters

Compared with other known oil disasters, the 800 million liters of crude oil that spilled into the Gulf of Mexico beats them all.

But other disasters have also led to tremendous losses despite every safety measure to prevent the possibility of leaks. For instance, the disaster with the Aegean Captain and Atlantic Empress collision off Trinidad and Tobago (257 million liters), Liberian tanker Amoco Cadiz off the coast of Brittany (228 million liters), the Urquiola supertanker off the Spanish coast of La Coruna (108 million liters), Liberian oil tanker Braer which ran aground off the British Shetland Islands (85 million liters), Liberian tanker Sea Empress off the coast of Wales (80 million liters), Greek tanker Aegean Sea off the Spanish coast (72 million liters) and the disaster with US tanker Exxon Valdez in Alaska

in 1989 (36 million liters).